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Waterman c/f - squeeze converter - 18k Fine nib

Waterman c/f - squeeze converter - 18k Fine nib

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In 1964 Waterman introduced the c/f, or, cartridge filler. It was the very first pen to use what we now know as the modern ink cartridge. It was a remarkable thing for a fountain pen industry that continued to struggle for a foothold against the ball point.
Waterman made the c/f in a wide array of colors and trim levels. This is a brushed steel version with an 18k nib. As such it was rather toward the upper end of the c/f models.
The metal inlays on the grips of Waterman c/f pens tend to oxidize. This pen is flawless - there is no oxidation or other sort of issue. There are no scratches or dents in the steel or trim. The pen includes a Waterman squeeze filler. The pen does not use modern cartridges of any sort.
The 18k nib is wonderful. It is smooth, wet and has that bounce that only 18k gold offers.

Capped: 5.3” (135 mm)
Uncapped: 4.8” (121 mm)
Posted: 5.8” (147 mm)
Cap: 0.41” (10.5 mm)
Barrel: 0.41” (10.5 mm)






Cap Posted:





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