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Teal Parker 61 Flighter - Capillary filler - OM

Teal Parker 61 Flighter - Capillary filler - OM

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Sheaffer always gets the prize for the most intricate filling system with the Snorkel. Parker should be up for some kind of prize for one of the wackiest fillers in the 61 capillary filler.
Both pens were born in the waning era of the fountain pen when all designs were fighting to match the ease of use of the new ball points. The Snorkel was invented to give the users a pen they never had to wipe up after filling. The 61 capillary filler was along the same lines. The capsule inside the barrel contains a roll of teflon coated film. To fill, the capsule end is dunked in ink and the spaces between the film suck up ink by capillary action - thus the name. A feed extension is at the center of the teflon roll and takes ink to the section, feed and nib. It's a clever solution that works perfectly well unless the user fails to clean the pen and allows ink to dry in the filler.
This capillary filler works perfectly. And, if flushed gently with a bulb syringe after use it will continue to work flawlessly for decades. In that respect, it really isn't any more difficult to clean than most cartridge filling pens.
The teal colored shell is not original to the pen. The arrow on the original shell was missing and I thought this teal replacement offered some nice color against the silver of the cap and barrel. The brushed steel Flighter cap and barrel are unmarred but for a few, minor use and wear marks. There are no dents or scratches and the jewels are perfect.
The nib is a lovely oblique medium - right oblique. It is smooth and amazing to use.
Capped: 5.3” (134 mm)
Uncapped: 4.9” (123 mm)
Posted: 5.7” (145 mm)
Cap: 0.48” (12.2 mm)
Barrel: 0.45” (11.3 mm)






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