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Restoration Service

Restoration Service

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Please note that I am not currently taking restorations as of 1 October 2019. Restoration service will become available again after 2 January 2020.


Please select the combination that best reflects your type of pen. This will guarantee your place in my limited restoration queue. Please note that while I will place an authorization hold on your payment method upon checkout, I will not process the charge until your repair is complete.

This price is an estimate, and it may change once I get the pen apart. If so, I will stop work and let you know my revised estimate with your options and my recommendations.

Pen restoration includes full restoration of the filling system with modern synthetic materials that will last decades. I guarantee my filling system restorations for at least 1 year provided you avoid Noodler's ink. I have personal experience that Noodler's inks can melt the latex in vintage filling systems and also permanently stain pens. It is not an ink to be used in vintage fountain pens.

I will buff and polish the barrel and cap to remove shallow marks and scratches. Deep scratches, divots or cracks can often be repaired at an additional cost and I'll provide an estimate if I believe this is necessary. I like to refresh the pen to remove scratches from general use and wear if possible. When finished, the pen will shine though it will still show signs of its age. Your pen may retain some scratches, marks or small divots and that's ok - it's a vintage pen. I will polish the gold and/or chrome plating but I do not replate metal or remove dents from metal caps. I do all buffing and polishing by hand so I remove as little material as possible.

I'll adjust the nib for alignment, flow and smoothness for best writing. There may be additional cost if the nib is bent or needs more work than a simple adjustment.

There is always a chance that your pen may be broken during restoration. It is unlikely but possible and is almost always due to a weakness or fault in the pen given its age or how it has been handled over the years. I will take utmost care with your pen but I will not be held responsible for breakage that occurs due to pre-existing damage.






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