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Parker Duofold Classic Big Red Centennial - fine nib

Parker Duofold Classic Big Red Centennial - fine nib

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Parker Duofold Classic Big Red Centennial in China Red

The modern Parker Duofold is truly a classic. It is an excellent homage to one of the pens that made Parker one of the formidable five pen companies of the vintage era. It can be argued - and I do - that Parker is one of only two of those pen companies still in existence. There are a lot of pen companies these days buying and assuming the names of well known vintage pen companies. The Duofold Classic Big Red is a pen that can sit beside an original, 1930s vintage Big Red and not be embarrassed.

The pen is truly in like-new condition. There is no blemish or mark. The 18K nib is luscious, smooth and lovely.

Original box, papers, and twin cartridges & a convertor included.

Capped - 138 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 128 mm (5”)
Posted - 175 mm (6.9”)
Cap - 15 mm (0.59”)
Barrel - 13 mm (0.51”)

Cartridge or convertor

18K Fine


Stainless Steel



Capped: 138 mm

Uncapped: 128 mm

Cap Posted:175 mm


Cap: 15 mm

Barrel: 11.1 mm



Filler Type

Cartridge or Convertor

Care Instructions

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