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Large (Oversize) ~1935 Black VACUUM-FIL - stubby medium+ point

Large (Oversize) ~1935 Black VACUUM-FIL - stubby medium+ point

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This pen is a VACUUM-FIL but carries a WASP nib. There is some overlap in these two companies. In 1933 or 1934 Sheaffer created VACUUM-FIL to test market pens with that filling system which they introduced in 1934. In 1935 the filler was brought to the Sheaffer Balance line. In 1936 VACUUM-FIL was renamed WASP (Walter A. Sheaffer Pen). I've seen many pens with mixed parts and dual branding (e.g. WASP VACUUM-FIL on the barrel). Perhaps this pen is one of those. Or, perhaps this is simply a later replacement nib.

Whether the nib is original or a replacement, it is glorious. It has a bit of a stubby shape to its generous point. It is not truly a stub but does offer lovely line variation. The 12 kt gold is bouncy but it should never be handled as if it were a true flexible nib. It is too thin to withstand that.

There is some plating loss on the cap clip and band. The barrel has darkened to a deep red but retains very good clarity. The celluloid is in excellent condition with only a few flea bites here and there - most notably near the top of the cap.

The brass filler knob is missing the inner lock nut. But, I've secured it with shellac so it will operate perfectly without risk of loosening.

Capped - 127.5 mm (5.”)
Uncapped - 117 mm (4.6”)
Posted - 147.5 mm (5.8”).
Cap - 15 mm (0.588”)
Barrel - 13.1 mm (0.52”)


stubby medium+





Capped: 127.5 mm

Uncapped: 117 mm

Cap Posted:147.5 mm


Cap: 15 mm

Barrel: 13.1 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

Care Instructions

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