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Large (OS) Ebonized Pearl Sheaffer Balance fountain pen & pencil

Large (OS) Ebonized Pearl Sheaffer Balance fountain pen & pencil

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The large Balance. The OS. The Premier.

From the 1937 Sheaffer catalog:

"These are the famous Lifetime pens with the White Dot signaling the broadest guarantee in Pendom, and the platinum identifying the silk-smooth Feathertouch points."

Model D8W KABLA Large Size Ebonized Pearl Visulated Sheaffer Balance

 Ebonized Pearl is perhaps the most notable celluloid Sheaffer produced. There is no other celluloid quite like it. It was produced from 1934-9. Ebonized Pearl pens are among the most popular with collectors. They aren't uncommon like Carmine or Rose Glow. They are simply stunning and desirable for their uncommon beauty.

The layers of clear celluloid encase a black candy striped inner layer and a surface layer embedded with real nacre (mother of pearl) chips. The produces depth, iridescence and colors that lead to much gazing.

The celluloid of some pens has darkened with UV exposure. This pen has a little of that so the color is a bit darker than its original state. There are no cracks or faults in the celluloid. There is no plating wear.

The nib point is a smooth, wet fine. The pen holds more ink than almost any other pen you are likely to own. Save perhaps a large eye-dropper or a giant Conid.

The original celluloid covered rod has been replaced by a custom built, black oxide coated, stainless steel rod that will last for ages. The seals have been replaced with modern synthetics that will also last for years with nothing more than an occasional application of pure silicon grease to the filler rod.

For reference, the size is almost exactly that of a Montblanc 146.

Capped - 140 mm (5.51”)
Uncapped - 121 mm (4.76”)
Posted - 160 mm (6.3”).
Cap - 15 mm (0.59”)
Barrel - 13 mm (0.51”)








Cap Posted:





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