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1937 Large (OS) Marine Green Sheaffer Balance - Vacuum-Fil - fine point

1937 Large (OS) Marine Green Sheaffer Balance - Vacuum-Fil - fine point

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This pen is almost certainly from 1937. It is the first year Sheaffer offered the striped Marine Green celluloid. And the pen lacks a price code introduced in 1938. In the 1938 catalog Sheaffer finally gave their pens model names to go along with the cryptic model designations that only the truly obsessed can remember. This pen would switch from being a large Vacuum model E8W EBEXF to a Marine Green Balance Premier Vacuum. I like to call all these large Balance Premiers but many/most pen people call them oversize.

This pen is in marvelous condition. The only minor flaw is two small spots of worn plating on either side of the clip ball. Otherwise the plating is intact. The color, clarity and condition of the celluloid are excellent.

 The filler rod has been replaced with a custom made rod from black oxide coated stainless steel. The filler seals have been replaced with modern synthetic materials that will last years and years. The only maintenance required is an occasional application of silicone grease on the filler rod.

The nib writes a fine, wet, smooth line.

Capped - 141 mm (5.5”)
Uncapped - 121 mm (4.8”)
Posted - 163 mm (6.3”).
Cap - 15.1 mm (0.6”)
Barrel - 13 mm (0.51”)







Capped: 141 mm

Uncapped: 121 mm

Cap Posted:163 mm


Cap: 15.1 mm

Barrel: 13 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

Care Instructions

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