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Lapis Sailor Magellan - 14K Medium Nib

Lapis Sailor Magellan - 14K Medium Nib

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Lapis Sailor Magellan

I believe Sailor offered these pens in the 1990s. They are slightly longer than a modern Sailor ProFit (1911) Slim.

The lapis material is gorgeous and from a time when Sailor put more effort and investment in the bits of their pens that don't touch ink. The condition is excellent with no blemishes. The plating of the cap band and clip is in perfect condition. There is some corrosion on the underside of the trim ring at the end of the grip section.

The nib is the same size and material (14k gold) as the 1911 Slim though it has the old (now at least 2 generations old), panel and large anchor imprint. The medium (H-M) point writes a smooth, wet and lovely line. The tipping does have the Sailor facets so it produces a narrower line at a high angle to the paper.


Capped - 139 mm (5.5”)
Uncapped - 120 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 151 mm (6”)
Cap - 14.9 mm (0.59”)
Barrel - 12.5 mm (0.5”)

Cartridge or convertor (not included)

14K Medium (H-M)





Capped: 139 mm

Uncapped: 120 mm

Cap Posted:151 mm


Cap: 14.9 mm

Barrel: 12.5 mm


Broad (H-B)

Filler Type

Cartridge or Convertor

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