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Green Sheaffer PFM V - Fine nib

Green Sheaffer PFM V - Fine nib

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There is no other pen like the Sheaffer PFM. And there is no other PFM like the PFM V.

The PFM is probably the best known Sheaffer pen. Sheaffer has endeavored to make modern versions to capitalize on that notoriety and popularity. The Touchdown Legacy was the last self-filling pen made by Sheaffer in 1995. That pen is essentially a tribute to the 1959 PFM with the same features but for the snorkel tube. Sheaffer has since made additional Legacy models in cartridge/converter. The latest rumors indicate the current owners of Sheaffer intend to bring back a new version of the Legacy yet again.

I like my Sheaffer Touchdown Legacy.

I love my Sheaffer PFMs.

The modern pens are very nice. I look forward to the latest incarnation and hope to buy one. There is nothing at all like the original PFM. You may argue the filling system is overly complex. That is true. But, it is  well designed and reliable. The vintage, inlaid nib is like no other. The smooth transition from the barrel to the fat grip is comfortable no matter your grip position or style.

Of the five PFM models only the PFM V has a gold cap. This one is perfect. Metal caps on pens often get dinged, dented, scratched, scuffed or plating loss. This pen suffers from none of those afflictions. It is as perfect as you could wish for a pen from 6 years ago not to mention 60 years ago.

Only the PFM IV and V have a gold capped filler knob. The only flaw on this pen is a tiny scuff on that gold cap. It is shown in the photo of the barrel and cap peaks but it is difficult to see because it is so small.

The fine nib (by modern, Western standards) is just right. Properly wet, smooth and fun. Sheaffer inlaid nibs are not flexible or even semi-flexible. But they do have a bit of forgiveness and softness that provides subtle line variation under normal writing pressure.

The green plastic of the barrel and grip is flawless. No kidding. It's perfect.

The filler seals have been replaced with modern, synthetic rubber. The latex sac has been replaced with a silicone version that will take any fountain pen ink and last a very long time. Sparkle inks and troublesome inks such as those with a catfish on the label are still not recommended.

Capped - 136 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 119 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 143 mm (5.6”).
Cap - 13.9 mm (0.55”)
Barrel - 12.6 mm (0.5”)


Modern, Western Fine with subtle line variation






Cap Posted:





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