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Gray Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe fountain pen & pencil

Gray Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe fountain pen & pencil

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This is a special set. Sentinel Deluxe are tied - with the Crest Deluxe & Valiant - for the largest Triumph Sheaffer made. Fat nibs like this are uncommon. Most nibs of the era had predominately firm, fine points. This one is wet, smooth and amazing. It may have been described as a broad point when it was made. Today we likely call it a Japanese medium-broad.

The cap has a couple of dents in the side but the peak is clean. I have large hands and can write comfortably with the pen uncapped. If you like a larger pen the cap will post gently but securely.

The celluloid is flawless. The ink view grip section has very good color and clarity. It was light transparent green when new and has only darkened slightly.

The filler has been restored with modern materials that will keep this pen working for decades. The only maintenance required is an occasional dab of silicone grease on the filler rod to keep the seals lubricated.

The pencil is in perfect working condition. It has a bit of graphite but there is no eraser. Both can be purchased from

Capped - 131 mm (5.2”)
Uncapped - 112 mm (4.4”)
Posted - 149 mm (5.9”)
Cap - 12.7 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 12.2 mm (0.48”)







Capped: 131 mm

Uncapped: 112 mm

Cap Posted:149 mm


Cap: 12.7 mm

Barrel: 12.2 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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