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Gatemouth Hand-made Six Pen Case - Star Wars Cartoon

Gatemouth Hand-made Six Pen Case - Star Wars Cartoon

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Pen sleeves and pen cases are in our heritage. For years we've shipped home every pen in a hand-made fabric pen sleeve.

This is the pen case we desired for our own use. It's what we've wanted in a pen case but have been unable to find. So we designed it and make it ourselves. We liked it so much that we're offering them for sale.

These are hand-made cases for 6 BIG pens. They feature a middle stash pocket large enough for an A6 or thin Midori notebook, a phone or a small wallet, keys and/or any other thing you choose.

The outer shell is soft cotton. The inner shell is super-soft and fuzzy fleece. The pen slots are made from cotton flannel. Your pens are nestled in nothing harsher than you'd wear next to your skin. Together these several layers provide ample padding to protect your pens and valuables should you choose to drop the pen case in a bag or backpack. The ribbon closure securely holds the flap that is long enough to allow the mouth (Gatemouth) of the case to expand or contract depending on what you need to carry inside.

Every case is unique with a variety of patterns and colors for the shells, linings and pen sleeves. Please browse the photos.


The cases are machine washable.


The pen cases are small, light and durable enough for 1 or 2 to ship within the US by USPS First Class envelope. You may choose that option at checkout. This rate will not be available for any order of 3 or more cases or any order that includes a pen. Such orders must ship domestically via USPS Priority to ensure their safety.






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