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Ebonized Pearl Sheaffer Balance Milady Deluxe

Ebonized Pearl Sheaffer Balance Milady Deluxe

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I believe the Feather Touch 5 is the best production nib Sheaffer made. It is bouncy and expressive yet firm enough for everyday writing. Add that to the most lovely celluloid Sheaffer made and this is an amazing pen.

The celluloid has good transparency & clarity and very good color. The spiral striping beneath the nacre chips is mesmerizing. There are a few minor marks in the celluloid. The special cap band are in excellent condition with no plating loss. It is engraved DRC. The clip end has small spots of plating loss.

The nib is wonderful. It is a bit stubby. Add that to the FT5 softness and the resulting line variation is quite pleasing. Even from my wildly uncontrolled scrawl.

The filling system has been restored using modern synthetic seals. An occasional dab of 100% pure silicone grease on the filler rod will keep this pen working for several more decades.

The pen is almost exactly the size of a Pelikan M200 or a Sailor ProGear Slim. Though it holds far more ink than either of those pens.

Capped - 122 mm (4.8”)
Uncapped - 107 mm (4.2”)
Posted - 148 mm (5.8”).
Cap - 12.1 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 10.5 mm (0.41”)


Stubby fine with lovely line variation





Capped: 122 mm

Uncapped: 107 mm

Cap Posted:148 mm


Cap: 12.1 mm

Barrel: 10.6 mm


Stubby Fine with lovely line variation

Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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