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1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Crest - extra-fine

1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Crest - extra-fine

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In 1942 Sheaffer closed out the Balance era with the introduction of the Triumph. There were few models offered at first. The most common are the Triumph with a celluloid barrel and cap with a very wide cap band and a Crest with a gold filled cap. There were also matching Tuckaway pens.

This is a Triumph Crest with a gold filled cap. The cap edge is stamped "1/10 14K gold filled". That means the cap mass is at least 10% 14k gold. Thus, gold filled is generally a thicker coating of gold than is gold plated. The real bonus is the underlying metal of the cap and clip is silver rather than brass. There is no sterling vermeil hallmark so best guess is it is probably something like coin silver. The silver can be seen inside the cap edge. Vermeil develops a marvelous and rich looking patina.

The cap posts securely on the barrel end to provide ample length for those who prefer a long pen.

The pen is in very nice condition. The celluloid is without blemish and has very good transparency and clarity. The cap peak is flattened a bit and there are a couple of other minor dings. There are no scratches or remarkable damage and the clip is straight and tight. I have left the cap unpolished because I like the patina that develops on the gold filled silver. I can polish the cap to a bright finish, removing the tarnish if desired. Simply send a request at purchase.

The nib has an extra-fine (XF) point. It has been tuned with with nice, wet flow and is  smooth despite the point size.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 114 mm (4.5”)
Posted - 157 mm (6.2”).
Cap - 11.6 mm (0.46”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.45”)







Capped: 137 mm

Uncapped: 114 mm

Cap Posted:157 mm


Cap: 11.6 mm

Barrel: 11.3 mm



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Vacuum Filler

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