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Black WASP Clipper Full Size pen & pencil - stickered

Black WASP Clipper Full Size pen & pencil - stickered

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I rarely get collector grade pens. This set is definitely in that rare category.

This is a later WASP Clipper with a pointed, domed metal cap finial and an all celluloid blind cap. There is so little information available on WASP pens that I won't guess a manufacture date. It's between 1939 & ~1942. The advertisement photo is somewhat earlier, from ~1938. Yet, the model numbers and sizes remain the same. This is a standard size Vacuum Filler pen (model 5511) and pencil (model 1411) set. The  cap bands differ between the two rows in the advertisement. This set has narrow cap bands rather than the wider, grooved bands shown on the pens at the right of the advertisement.

These are in nearly pristine condition. The stickers are perfect. The barrel has perfect clarity and color. The celluloid is flawless. The pen cap finial has spots that look as if a layer of clear, protective shellac has chipped. The 12k gold plating beneath these chips is unmarred and perfectly intact.

It can be a challenge to choose how much restoration to do with such a pen. I did not polish the pen beyond a gentle rub of the trim with a jewelers cloth. I did restore the filling system. There was no dried ink in the barrel or feed. I have not inked the pen though I have aligned and dry adjusted the nib. It will be up to the buyer to decide whether to ink it or keep it as is. Please note that inking the pen voids any return warranty. The value of this set is based on it's never-used condition. If the buyer knows the pen will be used then I will gladly ink it and adjust the nib prior to shipping.

WASP pens have bouncy, wet and luscious nibs. They NOT flexible or even semi-flexible. Yet they are soft enough to offer pleasing line variation with normal writing pressure. Please NEVER push a WASP or VACUUM-FIL nib as if it were flexible. I have many such nibs that were pushed too far and are now broken beyond repair.

Capped - 130 mm (5.1”)
Uncapped - 119 mm (4.68”)
Posted - 158 mm (6.22”).
Cap - 13.1 mm (0.52”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)







Capped: 130 mm

Uncapped: 119 mm

Cap Posted:158 mm


Cap: 13.1 mm

Barrel: 11.4 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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