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Black Sheaffer Balance Sovereign - Vacuum-Fil

Black Sheaffer Balance Sovereign - Vacuum-Fil

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Black Sheaffer Balance Sovereign - Vacuum-Fil - jewelers band (L.W.F.) - fine LIFETIME nib

Prior to 1938 Sheaffer used code designations for their pens rather than model names. For example, the production model of this pen is, I think, 73W DOBOG. I'm quite confident there is a logical system behind these designations but I've never bothered to learn them. That's a level of obsession too far for even me.

Another way to differentiate models in the 1937 catalog is "Slender Model", "Standard Size" and "Large Size". These are probably the easiest to remember since Sheaffer made pens in 3 diameters and 2 lengths. This pen would be a "Slender Model" and is full length rather than the shorter length student pens.

Beginning with the 1938 catalog Sheaffer introduced model names. This was Sheaffer's 25 anniversary though I do not know if that has any correlation with the choice to name the different pen models. This pen would be called a Sovereign. Sheaffer also began including a price code in the barrel imprint. They were quite insistent that all retailers sell Sheaffer pens for the Sheaffer mandated price. A 1938 catalog version of this pen would have the number 875 stamped on the barrel beneath the manufacturer's imprint. The price was $8.75.

This particular pen is an interesting variant not found in any catalogs. It is generally called a jewelers band pen because of the ornate cap band. Walter Sheaffer began his pen business in his jewelry store. He maintain a preference for jewelry stores as his authorized retailers. The general opinion of collectors and historians is that he made these special jewelers band pens especially and solely for his jewelry store retailers. It seems a logical thing to provide a bit more bling to customers of a bling shop.

The band has a panel that bears the initials of the original owner: L.W.F. Whomever was LWF, I do not believe they used their pen often if at all. This pen is in as close to new condition as any collector could wish. There is no plating loss. There are no scuffs, scratches or any visible mark in the celluloid. And the barrel transparency is like new and retains the lovely greenish hue that has not darkened with UV exposure.

The nib has been adjusted to write a smooth, wet, fine line. It is quite nice.

The restoration, as always, is guaranteed for at least one year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 119 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 154 mm (6.1”).
Cap - 12.1 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 10.3 mm (0.41”)






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