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Black Sheaffer Balance Admiral - lever filler - jewelers band (L.J.C.) - fine Feather Touch 5 nib

Black Sheaffer Balance Admiral - lever filler - jewelers band (L.J.C.) - fine Feather Touch 5 nib

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The Balance Admiral, or full size pen is Sheaffer's largest regular sized pen. Only the Premier, or OverSize (OS) is larger. The Admiral and Statesman are identical except for the nib. The Statesman has a LIFETIME nib and the Admiral carries a Feather Touch 5. The Feather Touch 5 is slightly smaller so it looks less impressive. But, it is bouncy and wonderful to use whereas the Statesman nibs are almost universally rigid as nails.

Even better, this pen has a jewelers band not found in any Sheaffer catalog from the time. Most Sheaffer historians believe these pens with their adorned cap band were offered only by Sheaffer retailers that were jewelry stores. Pens with a bit more bling to go along with the other merchandise in the store. This band has a bit of wear at the lower margin as well as some lost plating in the engraved L.J.C.

There is a bit of plating loss on the sides of the clip ball. There are a few faint, light scratches and flea bites on the cap and barrel. The lever plating is intact.

The nib is lively and should be a primary reason for buying this pen.

The restoration, as always, is guaranteed for at least one year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 119 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 157 mm (6.2”).
Cap - 13.2 mm (0.52”)
Barrel - 11.7 mm (0.46”)






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