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Black 1924-1926 Sheaffer 46 Special (model 46C)

Black 1924-1926 Sheaffer 46 Special (model 46C)

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From the 1926 Sheaffer catalog:

46 Special

A specially constructed pen for all general use, made of either black or bright coral Radite. This coral pen meets the demands of the trade and the public for a pen of this particular color, and the black pen furnishes the same superior quality with a more conservative appearance.

All these models in either black or coral carry a specially made semi-manifold nib, a nib stiff enough to be used for copying and at the same time with sufficient flexibility for shaded writing. If required, flexible nibs can also be furnished. Fine, medium, coarse, extra fine; posting or stub points.

This model 46C is the largest 46 Special that Sheaffer made. Radite is the name Sheaffer gave to the celluloid they used when they introduced celluloid pens in 1924. This pen dates between 1924 and 1926 though you'd never know it from the remarkable condition. The 46 Special was produced in celluloid until 1928 or 1929. But, the manufacturer of the celluloid (C for Celluloid, D for DuPoint or F for Fiberloid) was indicated by the imprint on the end of the barrel only through 1926.

The celluloid has only a couple of insignificant flea bites - one on the cap and one below the manufacturer's imprint. It is spectacular and gleams like the most beautiful grand piano.

The front and sides of the clip ball have a bit of plating loss. The plating on the remainder of the clip, the band and the lever is perfect.

The nib is a firm, extra-fine that I've adjusted to be smooth and wet. The pen has a large sac - either a #18 or #20 - that holds a lot of ink. This is a true, vintage writing machine. The cap will post though I find it perfectly comfortable to use with the cap unposted and I have large hands.

Capped - 132 mm (5 1/4”)
Uncapped - 118 mm (4.65”)
Posted - 169 mm (6.65”).
Cap - 12.8 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)

Filler - lever

Nib - firm, extra-fine






Cap Posted:





Filler Type

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