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Black & Gold Eversharp Skyline - Flexible M

Black & Gold Eversharp Skyline - Flexible M

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No other pen will ever be confused with the Raymond Loewy designed Eversharp Skyline. Almost nothing says art deco better.

I generally polish gold plated caps like this one. I think the patina looks so good I left it. I think it makes the pen look distinguished, like the grey hair on an eminently respectable professor emeritus. The patina hides no flaws or dents. I just think it looks good.

This nib was dropped at some point. I have massaged it back into shape though it still bears some wrinkles. It is perfectly aligned and smoothed and juicy wet. The cosmetic issues are well worth enduring for its amazing flexibility.

The lever has the unfortunately typical plating loss from cap posting wear. There are a number of small flaws in the celluloid often described as flea bites. There are no cracks or damage that will lead to issues.

Capped - 135 mm (5.3”)
Uncapped - 129 mm (5.1”)
Posted - 153 mm (6”).
Cap - 13.7 mm (0.54”)
Barrel - 11.6 mm (0.46”)






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