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Black 1948 Sheaffer Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - Fine Golden Spade

Black 1948 Sheaffer Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - Fine Golden Spade

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 In 1942 Sheaffer introduced the Triumph line. That replaced the Balance line they had produced since 1929. Nearly all the Triumph pens were equipped with conical nibs. A few low priced pens like the Craftsman carried small open nibs.

In 1948 Sheaffer brought back a nib based on the flagship Balance Premier, or Oversize (OS). I call it the Golden Spade. It truly is the same size nib as found on the vaunted Sheaffer Premier. In fact, I have found Premiers with Golden Spade replacement nibs. The only difference is the imprint. The Golden Spade is not stamped LIFETIME.

I love the way the Golden Spade looks on the Triumph Statesman. It is disproportionately large compared to the barrel. I think that is marvelous. This one writes a lovely, smooth fine line.

There are a couple of minor, small flea bites in the barrel. The ink view grip section is slightly ambered yet retains sufficient clarity to determine the ink level. The Vacuum-Filler has been overhauled with modern materials and will last for decades. It is guaranteed for at least one year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink.


Capped: 127 mm - 5 inches
Uncapped: 112 mm - 4.4 inches
Posted: 147 mm - 4.8 inches


Cap: 12.3 mm - 0.48 inches

Barrel: 11.3 mm - 0.45 inches






Cap Posted:





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