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A trio of Sheaffer Balance Craftsman Vacuum-Fil pens from the mid-late 1930s

A trio of Sheaffer Balance Craftsman Vacuum-Fil pens from the mid-late 1930s

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These are full length (5.3 inches capped, 6.1 inches posted) slender (0.42 inch barrel) pens. Each is rather special for different reasons than the others.

Two have jewelers bands. Walter Sheaffer began his career as a jeweler. When his pen business grew he used the authorized dealer model for distribution. Jewelry stores remained favorite Sheaffer dealers. Pens with ornate jewelers bands were made to offer these stores something special perhaps to distinguish them from department stores, or to appeal a bit more to a jewelry store customer. They are not in any Sheaffer catalog that I’ve seen though they are not rare. There are a number of different styles of jewelers bands and some collectors seek the uncommon variants passionately.

I find these very comfortable in hand either posted or unposted. And I have a high grip on the barrel threads. There is no plating loss and no discernible blemish on any of the pens. The #3/Junior nibs are bouncy and fun though shouldn’t be pushed hard.

Each pen carries my at least 1 year filler restoration guarantee provided you strictly avoid catfish ink.

Marine Green - fine - Gregg shorthand - window pane barrel - Norman G.R. Reheis - $105.01
The barrel carries a Gregg shorthand mark. Sheaffer made and sold pens with nibs that conformed to the recommended characteristics of the Gregg shorthand system. The pen also has a window pane barrel - 2 panels of transparent celluloid along the length of the barrel rather than alternating green & transparent stripes.

Golden Brown - Fine - $125

The best transparency of the bunch. It’s remarkable. The wide jewelers band has a blank panel for an engraved name.

Marine Green - jewelers band - fine-medium - John C. Strang - $105.01

This pen has a Junior nib that is probably a replacement for the original #3 nib. They are identical apart from the stamp. It’s an excellent replacement that is a bit wider than the typical fine. It’s a wonderful writer. The barrel transparency is amazing.

Capped - 135 mm (5.3”)
Uncapped - 112 mm (4.4”)
Posted - 156 mm (6.1”).
Cap - 12.1 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 10.2 mm (0.4”)






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