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1946 (T6.) Black Parker “51” Vacumatic Medium-Fine

1946 (T6.) Black Parker “51” Vacumatic Medium-Fine

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Parker “51” are interesting pens. They seem to be one of those love or hate pens in terms of looks. I think they look quite interesting though I have only one of my own. It’s the caps that grab my attention and this is a very nice one.

I don’t think the stacked coins band caps are rare but they aren’t common. This cap is in fine shape with a light scratch through the brushed finish across the back near the top. I could have polished out the scratch and a few other scuffs but that would ruin the brushed finish of the cap and that’s more important to preserve.

The nib is a lovely medium-fine. I’ve adjusted it to write a nice, juicy and smooth line. No matter what you think of the "51" asthetics, nobody can argue about how well they perform. I do love that it’s a pen you can leave uncapped on the desk and it’ll write as soon as the nib touches paper.

The lucite barrel and shell are without blemish. The barrel is personalized with a small E.K. and E.K. took fine care of this pen.

I’ve disassembled the pen, replaced the Vacumatic diaphragm, cleaned the collector, reassembled and adjusted everything to be just so. I guarantee my work for at least 1 year provided you strictly avoid catfish ink. That stuff will eat the diaphragm.

Length — Capped: 5.4” (137 mm), Uncapped: 5” (127 mm), Posted: 6” (153 mm)
Diameter — Cap: 1/2” (12.5 mm), Barrel: 0.46” (11.8 mm)






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