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2008 Pilot M90 - medium nib

2008 Pilot M90 - medium nib

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2008 Pilot M90

In 2008 Pilot released this pen to commemorate its 90th anniversary. It is an homage to the 1970s era Myu pocket pen. It has a blue jewel cabochon which is perfectly fitting for a special anniversary pen.

The pen is in very good condition. There are a couple of scuffs in the brushed finish of the cap. Not scratches, rather they are small shiny spots in the brushed finish.

It must be disclosed that the luscious medium nib was massaged back into shape by the incomparable Mike Masuyama. This was done prior to my ownership. The pen writes perfectly and looks factory perfect. I can see no evidence of misalignment, wrinkling, misshapen-ness or anything that would imply the pen is not as it was originally made - as to be expected from the master Masuyama-san.

No box or papers included. 

Capped - 119 mm (4.7”)
Uncapped - 104 mm (4.1”)
Posted - 140 mm (5.5”)
Cap - 13 mm (0.51”)
Barrel - 11.1 mm (0.44”)

Cartridge or convertor (not included)



Stainless Steel



Capped: 119 mm

Uncapped: 104 mm

Cap Posted:140 mm


Cap: 14.9 mm

Barrel: 11.1 mm



Filler Type

Cartridge or Convertor

Care Instructions

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