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~1963 Green Sheaffer LIFETIME 1500 extra-fine nib

~1963 Green Sheaffer LIFETIME 1500 extra-fine nib

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Is a pen considered vintage if it is a cartridge filler? Some would argue not.

That's a difficult argument to support when faced with the history of the Harley Earl designed Waterman c/f (cartridge filler) released in 1953. That's the first commercially successful cartridge filling pen and it is a contemporary of the Sheaffer Snorkel (1952).

By 1963 Sheaffer had fully embraced the cartridge filler revolution and offered pens with either cartridge or Touchdown fillers. This pen is essentially identical to the Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial VI except that it is a cartridge filler and the clip and nib are stamped LIFETIME. It's model number 1500 indicates the price was $15.

There is nothing in the pen world like a Sheaffer inlaid nib. The PFM, Imperial, LIFETIME, Legacy, etc. are instantly recognizable. They are also excellent writers. The nibs are generally bouncy enough to offer subtle line variation with normal writing pressure.

A down side of these pens is lack of compatible converters. They may be found but not easily. However, Sheaffer Skrip cartridges have not changed in design since 1961 and are still available. A cartridge will be included with the pen and it is easy to refill using a syringe. The cartridge holds more ink than a converter.

The condition of this pen is very good. There are no flaws in the nib, barrel, cap or clip. All the plating is intact and beautiful. The steel caps often have dented peaks - not this pen.

The extra-fine nib has been adjusted to write a smooth, medium-wet line.

Credit and thanks to (@penherostore) and for historical information.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 119 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 144 mm (5.7”).
Cap - 11.9 mm (0.47”)
Barrel - 10.8 mm (0.42”)


Modern, Western Extra-Fine with subtle line variation







Cap Posted:





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