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1961-2 Blue Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial VIII

1961-2 Blue Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial VIII

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Sheaffer has produced multiple iconic nib designs. In my opinion, perhaps the best performing and best looking Sheaffer nib is the inlaid nib on the PFM, Imperial, Targa and Legacy.

In addition to looking like no other the inlaid nib performs like no other Sheaffer nib. The Sheaffer Balance, Triumph and Snorkel era nibs are well known to be rigid, stiff nibs with absolutely no line variation. There are exceptions, like the Balance era Feather Touch 5. The inlaid nibs perform more like that exceptional Feather Touch 5. Both are not to be described or used as flexible nibs or even semi-flexible nibs. But they both have enough softness to produce pleasing line variation with normal writing pressure. Excellent performers that are a joy to use.

Similarly the Touchdown filler is one of Sheaffer's best. The Sheaffer Vacuum-Filler holds more ink and gets my vote for favorite. But the Touchdown is far easier to service. It will likely need servicing slightly more often that a Vac but it will not require an expert to do so. Simply replace the sac and an o-ring. Both fill with the same style of extending the filler attached to the knob at the end of the pen, submerging the nib in ink then depressing the knob.

I have installed a silicone sac in this pen. Silicone lasts much longer than latex. It is also impervious to the nastiest inks. Not all pens are compatible with silicone sacs since they are gas permeable. That is, air may pass through the sac to the interior. That can cause some pens to leak a bit. I have been using this pen and it does not seem to have such an issue.

The nib is a medium point. It compares to a modern Japanese medium or Western fine. It is firm but not rigid. I find it an expressive and smooth writing experience that I enjoy. If desired, the cap posts securely without risk to the finish.

The pen's plastic is without blemish. The 12 karat gold filled plating is completely intact. The only notable flaws in the pen are 2 small but visible creases on either side of the clip and a few flea bites on the cap peak. All in all, the pen is in very good condition.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 120 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 147 mm (5.8”).
Cap - 11.9 mm (0.47”)
Barrel - 10.9 mm (0.43”)


Medium. Roughly equivalent to a modern Japanese medium or western fine.






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