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1948 Umber Sheaffer Tuckaway Sentinel Deluxe - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

1948 Umber Sheaffer Tuckaway Sentinel Deluxe - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

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1948 was the last year Sheaffer used the Vacuum-Filler they introduced in WASP pens in 1934 and Sheaffer Balance pens in 1935. In 1949 they would switch to the Touchdown filler - the last ever Sheaffer self-filling mechanism. The Touchdown is a nice filler but I will always prefer the Vacuum-Fil. It holds more ink and doesn't use a sac. And it's just cool.

This is a classic little/big pen. I have large hands and grip pens on the cap threads. Therefore small pens should be uncomfortable or difficult for me to use. This pen cap posts to a length that I find perfectly usable even for long writing sessions.

This pen is in nearly perfect condition. The metal cap pens often suffer unfortunate dents and dings; especially in the peak. This cap is in perfect condition. It is polished steel with engraved lines and squiggles. Same design as the 1949 model but without a white dot above the clasp (Sheaffer's name for the button clip). The white dot is on the filler knob whose knurling is somewhat creased in a couple of lines but no scratches. The umber plastic barrel binde has no blemish. Perhaps the only criticism is the darkened inner barrel and grip section. It's too dark to easily see the ink level.

The Vacuum-Fil system has been restored with modern, synthetic rubber that will last decades. Though small, the inner barrel ink chamber holds a surprising amount of ink. More than any modern ink cartridge. The filling system is guaranteed for at least one year provided Noodler's ink is strictly avoided.

Capped - 114 mm (4.5”)
Uncapped - 99 mm (3.9”)
Posted - 134 mm (5.3”).
Cap - 12 mm (0.47”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)








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