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1948 Umber Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - fine/extra-fine

1948 Umber Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - fine/extra-fine

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In ~1948 Sheaffer introduced the 4th and final generation of the Triumph that began in 1942. The following year would feature the debut of the Touchdown. The most interesting change of the 4th generation Triumph is the injection molded, solid color barrels, caps and filler knobs. Sheaffer called the material Radite II - Radite was their name for the celluloid used from 1926 to 1947. Sheaffer had been injection molding the inner barrel & grip section unit since ~1946. The change brought interesting, new solid colors like umber and Persian blue. Umber is not a rare color but it is somewhat uncommon while black is the most common color.

A key thing to watch for when buying a pen from the 1947-1952 Radite II era is the condition of the plastic. It is softer than celluloid and the material used in the later Snorkel pens (1952-9). It is more susceptible to shrinkage, splitting and marring. The most common problem area is splits under the cap clip. That does not mean these pens should be avoided. If well cared for they are as robust as any other very well made Sheaffer pen.

This pen is in excellent condition. The plating is all intact and without blemish. There are only 2 minor spots, or flea bites, in the cap - one on either side of the clip. Yet the manufacturer's imprint and the filler knob knurling are deep and crisp as when new. The barrel has a bit of shrinkage  that causes a portion of the filler knob to stand proud of the barrel. The inner barrel and ink view grip section have excellent clarity. The ends of the plunger and feed are clearly visible.

The filling system has been restored with modern, synthetic rubber that will last for decades. It is guaranteed for at least one year provided Noodler's ink is strictly avoided.

The nib point size is comparable to a modern, Western extra-fine -- fine nib. It is wet and smooth and a joy to use.

While smaller than many modern pens, the Triumph Statesman's cap posts to make the pen comfortable enough for those of us with large hands.

Capped - 127 mm (5”)
Uncapped - 107 mm (4.2”)
Posted - 141 mm (5.6”).
Cap - 12.7 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.45”)


Modern, Western Fine/Extra-Fine or Japanese Fine






Cap Posted:





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