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1948 Persian Blue Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

1948 Persian Blue Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

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One thing that set Sheaffer apart was their constant innovation. They survived and thrived through the Great Depression and World War II with constant adaptation to the ever changing economy. They had a fierce competition with Parker for market share. Each company took turns introducing new designs that forced the other to keep up.

Parker went solid colored plastic (acrylic) in 1937 with the "51". In 1942 Sheaffer matched with the Triumph nib but stuck with their iconic striped celluloid. In 1947-8 Sheaffer went to solid colored plastic. They called it Radite II (Radite was celluloid) and the manufacturer, Celanese Corporation, called it Forticel. It was a grand departure from celluloid. The entire pen was now constructed using injection molding. The pen has a clear inner barrel that is one piece from the grip section to the ink reservoir. The colored plastic barrel is an overlay, or binde, that is threaded onto the inner barrel. With the design Sheaffer likely managed to reduce manufacturing costs and introduce something colorful and new.

Of all the colors that Sheaffer introduced Persian blue is my favorite. It is only found in pens from 1947/8 and 1949. They are not rare, but they are somewhat less common than the more standard black.

This pen is in excellent condition. It has a bit of discoloration where the binde meets the thread ring. And there is a slight scuff on the cap lip though the plating is intact. Otherwise the pen is marvelous. The nib is a lovely, wet, smooth fine.

Every pen I sell was restored by Paper Wants A Pen with the finest techniques and materials. They all carry a guarantee of at least 1 year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink.

Capped - 126 mm (5”)
Uncapped - 107 mm (4.2”)
Posted - 143 mm (5.6”).
Cap - 12.6 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 114 mm (0.45”)






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