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1948 Black Sheaffer Triumph Valiant fountain pen

1948 Black Sheaffer Triumph Valiant fountain pen

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The Valiant is the largest model Sheaffer Triumph. That honor is shared with the Crest Deluxe and Sentinel Deluxe. The only difference between these three is the cap - the others are both metal. I like pens from this brief era when Sheaffer placed the white dot on the cap peak rather than above the clip.

 Some people don't like black pens. I've begun matching inks to pens - a vanity, I know. I like black pens because I feel they break open the opportunities for potential inks. Any color works in a black pen. Whether it be basic black or fuchsia. Black Pen Society FTW.

This pen has a nib with a generous fine point that has a bit of stubbiness. It's not a sharp stub but has a stubby shape that provides subtle line variation. It's my favorite point shape and I love that so may Sheaffer Triumphs have it.

The pen is in very good condition. The only notable sign of age is that ink view grip section has darkened a bit. The transparency is good but the color is amber rather than the original green.

The cap can be posted gently to make the pen long enough to be comfortable in any hand. The filler has been restored with modern materials that should last decades with the occasional application of silicone grease on the filler rod.

Capped - 132 mm (5.2”)
Uncapped - 112 mm (4.7”)
Posted - 149 mm (5.9”).

Cap - 13 mm (0.51”)
Barrel - 12.1 mm (0.48”)


stubby fine+






Cap Posted:





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