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1948 Black Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Statesman

1948 Black Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Statesman

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Sheaffer Tuckaways are such fun pens. The original pocket pen with a BIG nib. It can be said that the current batch of pocket pens with #6 nibs are knock-offs of the Sheaffer Tuckaway. This is a shorter length version of the full size Triumph Tuckaway. Everything but the length is exactly the same size as the bigger version. One of the best things about a Tuckaway is the ink capacity. The Vacuum-Filler will hold far more ink than any modern ink cartridge or converter.

The ink view grip section is the original, pale green with excellent clarity. The end of the clip (Sheaffer called it a clasp) has a bit of plating wear as does the edge of the cap band. The plastic has no cracks, chips or marks.

The fine nib has been adjusted to write a wet, smooth line. The Vacuum-Fil system has been restored with modern, synthetic materials that will last years with only an occasional dab of silicone grease on the filler rod.

Capped - 116 mm (4.6”)
Uncapped - 100 mm (3.9”)
Posted - 136 mm (5.4”).
Cap - 12.3 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.5 mm (0.45”)




Injection molded plastic



Capped: 115 mm

Uncapped: 100 mm

Cap Posted:136 mm


Cap: 12.3 mm

Barrel: 11.5 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

Care Instructions

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