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~1947 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph "Sentinel" II - Vacuum-Fil - Extra-fine nib

~1947 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph "Sentinel" II - Vacuum-Fil - Extra-fine nib

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This is a 3rd generation Sheaffer Triumph. I believe the cap is a replacement for a couple of reasons. First, the pen has no white dot on the end of the filler knob as the true Sentinel Deluxe from this era. Second, I believe the Sentinels from the 3rd generation were all black. Originally this was probably a Valiant with a celluloid cap with a white dot above the clip. The Valiant, Sentinel Deluxe & Crest Deluxe differ only in their caps. So the cap is a perfectly suitable "upgrade" replacement.

There are too few green vintage fountain pens. That's another good reason to have saved this pen with a donor cap.

Sheaffer made 2 sizes of Triumph pen and this is the larger. I have large hands and grip pens near the section/barrel joint yet this pen is quite comfortable for me to use even without posting the cap. With the cap posted it is certainly large enough even for those who insist on the biggest pens.

The pen has an injection molded grip section and inner barrel that serves as the ink reservoir. The outer barrel, or binde, and fill knob are celluloid. Inner and outer barrels are in excellent condition with no flaws. The ink view grip section has darkened a bit but retains sufficient clarity to see the ink level.

The cap is brushed stainless steel with gold filled clip and band. The plating is all intact and in very good condition. The steel has a couple of small dings in the peak and a couple more in the body.

The extra-fine nib has the turned-up, Waverly style point that is so characteristic of Sheaffer Balance and Triumph nibs. This curve makes the point suitable for all writers regardless of their preferred angle of the pen to the paper. The nib has been adjusted to produced a smooth, wet line. It's a pen and nib that are a joy to use for page after page.

Capped - 132 mm (5.2”)
Uncapped - 112 mm (4.43”)
Posted - 148 mm (5.8”).
Cap - 12.8 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 12.3 mm (0.48”)


Modern, Western Extra-Fine or Japanese Fine






Cap Posted:





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