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1947 Gray Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel - Vacuum-Fil - Extra-fine nib

1947 Gray Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel - Vacuum-Fil - Extra-fine nib

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It is fun to follow the migrating path of the white dot on Sheaffer metal cap pens. Though it is best grounded in an understanding of the changes in white dot location since the time Sheaffer first began using it. As is often the truth, has an excellent article on the subject.

The first white dot emblazoned pens were the 1924 flat top celluloid pens. The white dot was inlaid on the top of the cap. The Balance era pens have the white dot prominently inlaid above the clip. In 1937 Sheaffer introduced their first metal cap pen that would later be named the Crest. That pen has the white dot on the barrel in a location that is near the lever on lever filling pens. This is most likely because Sheaffer did not have a convenient way to add a white dot to the metal cap. Then the white dot moved to the end of the filler knob for all metal pens until at least 1948 or 1949. Around 1948 Sheaffer devised a way to add the white dot above the clip of the metal caps. Oddly, there are even all celluloid Triumph pens with the white dot on the top of the cap.

This is a third generation Triumph. As such, it has a one piece, injection molded grip section and inner barrel. The nib unit threads into the end of the grip section. The pen has a celluloid outer barrel, or binde.

The celluloid is in excellent condition without blemish. The grip section retains sufficient transparency to view the ink. The brushed steel cap has a few, small dings - in the peak and on either side.

The extra-fine nib has been adjusted for generous flow and a smooth line. It's a lovely writer. The filling system has been restored with modern materials and is guaranteed for at least one year provided Noodler's inks are strictly avoided.

Capped - 124 mm (4.9”)
Uncapped - 107 mm (4.2”)
Posted - 139 mm (5.48”).
Cap - 12 mm (0.47”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.44”)








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