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~1947 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Valiant - Clara Wells

~1947 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Valiant - Clara Wells

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I believe this is an early 3rd generation Triumph. The striped celluloid binde is transparent at the forward end. Most 3rd generation pens have a binde that is entirely opaque.

Clara Wells took excellent care of her pen. The celluloid & plating are flawless. The inner barrel and grip have darkened only slightly; they still bear some of the original green tint. The clarity remains very good so the ink can be seen sloshing in the grip section and the forward end of the barrel.

The nib is firm with a slightly stubby shape so it writes a smooth, wet line with a hint of line variation. The line width is a modern, western extra-fine or Japanese fine.

This Tuckaway is a small pen that is deceptively large. Its size is comparable to a Kaweco Sport both capped and posted. The Triumph nib dwarfs the Kaweco's #5 and is better compared to a modern #6. It is an impressive nib on such a small pen. With the cap posted the pen is quite comfortable to use.

The filling system has been restored with modern synthetic seals that should last decades with a occasional dab of 100% pure silicone grease on the filler rod. It holds more ink than any modern converter or cartridge.

Capped - 115 mm (4.5”)
Uncapped - 97 mm (3.8”)
Posted - 133 mm (5.2”).
Cap - 12.1 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)


Modern Western extra-fine / Japanese fine






Capped: 115 mm

Uncapped: 97 mm

Cap Posted:133 mm


Cap: 12.1 mm

Barrel: 11.4 mm


Modern Western extra-fine

Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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