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~1947 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Desk pen - fine nib

~1947 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Desk pen - fine nib

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Everyone should have a desk pen. Once you become accustomed to having a pen at hand that doesn't need to be uncapped to use you'll wonder why you didn't have one sooner. And not only the convenience, but also the beauty and class of a vintage celluloid pen on a marble base. You'll find excuses to take notes or make journal entries just so you can hold the pen. This is not a cheap ballpoint on a chain at the convenience store.

I especially love the way Sheaffer did desk pens. The pen holder is essentially a cap attached to the base. It is made of celluloid and it has metal threads inside. These threads connect with the thread ring on the pen. This ensures the pen does not dry out and it stays securely in the holder. Yet it comes away in hand with only 1/2 turn of the pen. Well designed and well made.

The pen and holder are in perfect condition. The celluloid is flawless as is the plating. The ink view grip section has very good clarity; the feed tail and plunger end are easily visible.

The nib is a wet, smooth, fine point. A generous fine in vintage terms or an average, modern, western fine. It has been adjusted to be wet and smooth. The turned up, Waverly style point that Sheaffer is famous for, does, indeed, make for a comfortable writing experience regardless of writing angle. That is, whether the pen is angled steeply or at a low angle, the curve of the point offers excellent contact area to provide a comfortable writing experience.

The Vacuum-Fil filler has been restored with modern, synthetic rubber that will last decades. The filler restoration is guaranteed for at least 1 year as long as Noodler's ink is strictly avoided. That stuff will eat the filler seals and gasket.

The marble desk base has a bit of plating loss on the pen rests and a couple of chips. It is polished to a beautiful finish.


Length: 169 mm (6.7”)

Diameter: 11.2 mm (0.44”)

Vacuum-Fil (plunger)







Cap Posted:





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