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~1947 Carmine Sheaffer Tuckaway Sovereign fountain pen & pencil - extra-fine point

~1947 Carmine Sheaffer Tuckaway Sovereign fountain pen & pencil - extra-fine point

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Tuckaways are so special. Other pen companies made diminutive pens long before Sheaffer created the Tuckaway in 1940. Parker had the vest pocket Duofold. Wahl-Eversharp had the Bantam. No other little pen seems as iconic as the Tucky.

Unfortunately the Tuckaway continued only until 1949. Though in its ten years there are six different generations. This pen is a fourth generation Tuckaway that is contemporary with the third generation Triumphs.

This set is in marvelous condition. There is no plating loss and the celluloid is perfect. I believe this is an early pen for this generation because the front end of the celluloid binde is transparent. Most pens of this generation have opaque celluloid outer barrels. The extra-fine nib writes a nice, wet line. The filling system has been restored with modern synthetic materials that will last for years. This little pen holds more ink that any standard, modern convertor.

The pencil is also in perfect, working condition. It has no graphite but that may be sourced from The Legendary Pencil Company.

The pen case is included.

Capped - 115 mm (4.5”)
Uncapped - 97 mm (3.8”)
Posted - 133 mm (5.2”).
Cap - 12.6 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)








Capped: 115 mm

Uncapped: 97 mm

Cap Posted:133 mm


Cap: 12.6 mm

Barrel: 11.4 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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