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~1947 Carmine Sheaffer Triumph Statesman

~1947 Carmine Sheaffer Triumph Statesman

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I categorize Sheaffer Triumphs (1942-1948) into 4 generations.  First generation pens (1942-?) have a wide cap band and narrow black grip section. Second generation pens (~1943-5) have a striped celluloid grip section. Third generation pens (~1946-7) have a celluloid binde over an injection molded plastic barrel/grip section. Fourth generation pens (1948) are solid color and all injection molded.

I believe this is an early third generation pen. The forward end of the striped binde is transparent. The bindes of most third generation Triumphs are opaque.

Carmine is one of the best looking vintage Sheaffer celluloids. Pair that with the celluloid grip section found only on these 2nd generation Triumphs and you have a pen that is simply gorgeous.

The pen is in excellent condition. There are no flaws in the celluloid or plating. The only complaint is a bit of darkening to the ink view grip section. It remains clear enough to easily see the ink level. The pen is inked in the photos so the clarity is not visible. I can provide photos from the restoration process if desired.

The filling system has been restored with modern synthetic materials. They will last for decades with an occasional bit of silicone grease applied to the filler rod. The filler restoration is guaranteed for at least one year.

The nib is a Japanese fine or modern Western extra-fine. It is smooth, wet and lovely.

The pen is comparable in size to a Sailor ProGear Slim. I have large hands and find no trouble in using this pen without posting the cap. However, the cap posts easily and firmly to make this pen comfortable for those who prefer a longer pen.

Capped - 127 mm (5”)
Uncapped - 106 mm (4.2”)
Posted - 143 mm (5.6”)
Cap - 12.7 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)


Japanese Fine (European Extra-Fine)






Cap Posted:





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