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1945 Grey Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - 14k Fine-ExtraFine nib

1945 Grey Pearl Sheaffer Triumph Statesman - Vacuum-Fil - 14k Fine-ExtraFine nib

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Sheaffer paused pen production some time in 1943. Like many other companies they switched to making various things for the war effort. The far reaching impact of World War II is inconceivable to me.

When Sheaffer ramped up pen production again they introduced a second generation of the Triumph line that was first brought to market in 1942. It was a remarkable evolution. The new pens had longer grip sections made of celluloid, a spring loaded clip and multiple models and sizes. This Statesman is one of the larger models.

These are remarkable pens that write beautifully and hold a lot of ink. They are meant to be used with the cap posted to provide comfortable length. The tip of the nib is turned upward a bit. This was intentional and can be compared to the Waverly point though Sheaffer never used that name. It provides a tipping shape that suitable for any writing angle to the page. That seems like a gimmick but it is not. These are some of the best writing nibs made.

This pen is in amazing condition for 74 years old. The chrome plated trim is perfect - there is no plating loss on the clip or band and that is unusual. There are no flaws in the celluloid - the knob and cap peaks are undamaged by drops. The transparency is amazing and retains the greenish hue it had when new. Celluloid tends to darker, or amber, with exposure to UV light. This pen has been well cared for. The one minor flaw is a slight celluloid shrinkage gap between the barrel and knob as seen in the 3rd photo.

The nib writes a line between a modern Western extra-fine and a vintage fine. I’ve adjusted the flow, alignment and smoothness to be just right so that it writes pleasantly.

Capped - 125 mm (4.9”)
Uncapped - 109 mm (4.3”)
Posted - 144 mm (5.7”).
Cap - 12.43 mm (1/2”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)
Full size photos of the entire restoration process and a full page writing sample available here:






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