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1943-5 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Valiant II - extra-fine

1943-5 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Valiant II - extra-fine

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Sheaffer introduced the Triumph in 1942. It replaced the Balance that was the Sheaffer flagship line since 1929. Through 1948 there were 4 generations of Triumph pen. This is a 2nd generation Triumph introduced in 1943. With this generation came a wide variety of models under the Triumph line.

Sheaffer re-used model names from the Balance line. They simply appended a II to each name. I wonder if this was a lack of imagination or a conscious marketing decision. The latter seems most likely. Much the same way auto companies keep successful model names for decades despite making dramatic change to the cars. The Valiant II was near the top end of the price spectrum of models. Only the metal cap pens and 14 karat trim models were more expensive. Though the trims are all that separate these models.

Most Triumph models had a Tuckaway model. The Tuckaway is a pocket pen that has all the identical features of the full size models, just smaller and with a button clip. The nib is the same size as that on the full size pen. The clip is more of a roll stop than a clip.

The lower edge of the cap band has some plating loss. The edges of the clip have extensive plating loss. The underlying clip metal is silver. During World War II Sheaffer used mainly silver base metal since brass was restricted to defense use. Plating loss is less than ideal, but in this case it's a conversation starter. The cap peak has some stress fractures that I have fused and stabilized. They will not propagate. Finally, the wide band has one small crease.

The filling system has been completely restored, takes a full fill and is guaranteed for at least one year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink. The firm nib is a western extra-fine or Japanese fine. It has been adjusted to write a wet, smooth line.

This is a small, pocket size pen. The cap posts to result in a comfortable length pen for even large hands.

Capped - 113 mm (4.45”)
Uncapped - 95 mm (3.75”)
Posted - 130 mm (5.1”).
Cap - 12.2 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.45”)


Modern, Western Extra-Fine or Japanese Fine






Cap Posted:





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