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1943-5 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Statesman set - stubby fine-medium nub

1943-5 Marine Green Sheaffer Triumph Tuckaway Statesman set - stubby fine-medium nub

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Sheaffer introduced the Triumph in 1942. It replaced the Balance that was the Sheaffer flagship line since 1929. Through 1948 there were 4 generations of Triumph pen. This is a 2nd generation Triumph introduced in 1943. With this generation came a wide variety of models under the Triumph line.


The particular characteristic of the 2nd generation Triumphs is the striped celluloid grip section. None of the other generations include this feature. The grip section was made as a separate unit that was welded into the celluloid barrel. The bond is so strong that one might never know about it except for seeing badly damaged pens that have come apart.

This set is in excellent condition. There is no damaged or lost plating. There are a few very small marks in the celluloid. They are difficult to photograph are are better seen in a video in Instagram here. They are not faults but the sort of wear marks that a pen accrues in 76 years or more. The barrel clarity and color is excellent. The ink level in the pen is quite easy to see and there is very little darkening from the original color. Both pen and pencil are stamped with the initials L.I.R.

The nib in this pen is so very nice. It is stamped with the number 79 - this is a size/shape designation used by Sheaffer. The 79 nibs have short, wide tines that often tend to make the tip be wide and write a stubby line. This nib is just such a stubby writer and the line variation it provides is quite nice.

The Vacuum-Filler has been restored with modern materials that will last decades. it holds more ink than 2 normal ink cartridges or converters.

This is a small, pocket size pen. The cap posts to result in a comfortable length pen for even large hands.

The pencil works. It has at least one stick of graphite but it is missing an eraser.

Capped - 115 mm (4.5”)
Uncapped - 95 mm (3.7”)
Posted - 130 mm (5.1”).
Cap - 12.6 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 11.4 mm (0.45”)


stubby fine-medium






Cap Posted:





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