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1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph - XF nib

1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph - XF nib

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The Sheaffer Triumph. It's curious to me that Parker sued Sheaffer over this pen. Even more curious that they won. I believe the basis of the suit was the Triumph infringed on the patented enclosed collector & feed of the "51". Sheaffer had to pay royalties to Parker for each Triumph sold. I think they renegotiated later to pay a flat yearly fee. I don't remember all the details exactly. It is all available information on the tubes if you care to look.

I know the "51" is the best selling pen ever. It's never been attractive to me. I've owned a few but never kept them for long. Gimme some nibbage! To me the Triumph is a far more attractive pen. A big, shiny nib, luscious and transparent celluloid and a proper filler.

This pen is in excellent condition. No plating loss. No blemishes to the celluloid that has very nice transparency. And that big, shiny, conical nib. Mmmm. It writes an extra-fine line for the fans of modern Western nibs. Probably more like a Japanese fine. I've adjusted it to be smooth and wet and it is a lovely writer.

I have large hands and I like to grip pens high and toward the barrel. This pen is perfectly comfortable to me uncapped. The cap posts securely on the barrel if you must do.

The filler has been restored with modern synthetic materials that should last as long as you own the pen. I won't guarantee it for that duration but I'm confident you'll never need to have it serviced if you use a little silicone grease on the filler rod once a year.


Capped - 131 mm (5.2”)
Uncapped - 113 mm (4.5”)
Posted - 150 mm (5.9”).
Cap - 11.5 mm (0.45”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.44”)









Cap Posted:





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