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1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Crest - medium point

1942 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph Crest - medium point

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This is a first generation Triumph Crest. By my reckoning there are 4 generations of Sheaffer Triumph over their 7 year span. Each is quite distinctive from the others. In general, my favorite Triumphs are from the second generation. For the top-line Crest the best is clearly the first generation. There is something about the long tapered cap that makes this pen regal.

The wartime Sheaffers do not use brass as the base metal in trims, clips and caps as almost all pens from the previous eras. Brass was restricted for other uses. Sheaffer used silver as can be seen inside of the cap. My guess is this is coin silver rather than sterling since it is not hallmarked. The hallmark says "1/10 14K gold filled"; the gold makes up 1/10th the overall weight of the cap. That is a thicker layer of gold than something hallmarked "gold plated".

This cap is in remarkable condition. The only blemishes are a small flat spot on the peak and a bit of lost plating on the end of the clip. The barrel clarity is like new with no staining or darkening (ambering) from UV exposure.

The medium point nib is unusual since most pens from this era have fine points. It is a firm point that writes a wet, stubby line with lovely line variation.

The filling system has been restored with modern, synthetic materials. This pen will fill reliably and be a ready writer years and years. The only maintenance is an occasional application of 100% pure silicone grease on the filler rod.

Capped - 137 mm (5.4”)
Uncapped - 113 mm (4.45”)
Posted - 153 mm (6”).
Cap - 11.6 mm (0.46”)
Barrel - 11.3 mm (0.45”)








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