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1942 Carmine Sheaffer Triumph

1942 Carmine Sheaffer Triumph

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This is a 1st generation Sheaffer Triumphs from 1942 or early 1943. It is made with a 14k gold nib and vermeil trim - 14k gold plated silver. During world war II all brass was restricted to use for defense purposes. So the underlying metal used by Sheaffer in making clips and cap bands was silver. The silver can be seen inside the cap lip or in the case of plating loss.⁣⁣

This is a Vacuum-Filler that I’ve restored with modern methods and materials. I guarantee my work for at least 1 year provided you strictly avoid Noodler's ink.⁣⁣
The barrel has g⁣ood transparency and the nib is a lovely writer. There is some plating loss on the clip, band and thread ring. I would never wish for plating loss, but I like the way the underlying silver shows through. It's far more attractive than plating loss on gold plated brass. There are several flea bite blemishes on the cap and barrel. But, it’s a Carmine and it fills and writes beautifully.⁣⁣


Capped: 131 mm - 5.2 inches
Uncapped: 113 mm - 4.4 inches
Posted: 152 mm - 6 inches


Cap: 11.5 mm - 0.45 inches

Barrel: 11.5 mm - 0.45 inches






Cap Posted:





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