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1941 Black Sheaffer Balance Valiant - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

1941 Black Sheaffer Balance Valiant - Vacuum-Fil - fine nib

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Pen collectors describe this pen as a "military clip" pen. World War Two era US military uniform shirts had a flap covering the opening of the breast pockets. Regulation required that nothing within the pocket be visible. Some pen companies introduced cap designs to meet this requirement. This pen is a standard Sheaffer Balance Statesman with the clip cleverly attached to meet the uniform requirement. Sheaffer had four such models: Valiant nee Statesman, Vigilant nee Sovereign, Defender nee Admiral and Commandant nee Craftsman. These pens appear only in the 1941 Sheaffer catalog.

This pen is almost like new. The only "flaw" to disclose is slight darkening of the barrel transparency. When new the transparent stripes were green. They have darkened, or ambered, in spots yet much of it remains green as new. Otherwise the celluloid is perfect. The gold plated silver trim (probably coin silver?) is unmarred. It will tarnish black giving evidence that the base metal has high silver content. The normal brass base metal was not used for things like pens in 1941.

The filling system has been restored with modern synthetic materials that will last decades. I have replaced the original, celluloid covered carbon steel filler rod with one custom made from black oxide coated stainless steel.

This pen is comparable in physical dimensions to a modern Sailor ProGear. It will hold far more ink than any cartridge or convertor. And look at those stripes. Mmm.

Capped - 130 mm (5.1”)
Uncapped - 116 mm (4.6”)
Posted - 151 mm (5.9”).
Cap - 13.3 mm (0.52”)
Barrel - 11.7 mm (0.46”)







Capped: 130 mm

Uncapped: 116 mm

Cap Posted:151 mm


Cap: 13.3 mm

Barrel: 11.7 mm



Filler Type

Vacuum Filler

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