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1937 Green Snake WASP VACUUM-FIL fountain pen

1937 Green Snake WASP VACUUM-FIL fountain pen

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This one is very uncommon. I cannot bring myself to use the word rare though it may well apply.

There are no WASP catalogs since it is a Sheaffer sub-brand (WASP == Walter A. Sheaffer Pen).  It seems as though WASP pens were meant to compete with the likes of Esterbrook. There are magazine advertisements and this pen appears in one from 1937. Most gold nib, vacuum filling WASP pens are in the circuit board pattern. A few are in mottled Marine green and even fewer are in the snakeskin or lizard skin pattern like this one. Even more uncommon are gray snake skin WASPs.

This pen is in excellent condition. The barrel has darkened a bit compared to the cap. The transparency is good. The celluloid and the plating are perfect. The celluloid covered rod rusted to bits and has been replace by a factory stainless steel rod that will last the life of the pen.

The nib is amazing. Almost all Junior nibs made by Sheaffer have fine points. The nib is not hallmarked but collector lore says they are 12k. This one is a generous and stubby medium. Very unusual, and very nice. It makes this pen so much closer to meeting the requirements for my definition of the word rare.

Capped - 124 mm (4.9”)
Uncapped - 111 mm (4.4”)
Posted - 152 mm (6”).
Cap - 12.2 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 10.6 mm (0.42”)


Stubby medium






Cap Posted:





Filler Type

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