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1935 Grey Pearl Sheaffer Junior

1935 Grey Pearl Sheaffer Junior

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My favorite Sheaffer celluloid is Grey Pearl. Rose Glow, Carmine and Ebonized Pearl are the most popular. They are nice. I like them very much. I have some very nice examples of each. For me, it's grey pearl every time. I am drawn to every one I see.

Sheaffer made grey pearl pens for only 3 years - 1934-1936. During that period the Junior was available in both streamlined Balance shape and this semi-streamlined shape. Two of those years included Vacuum-Fil pens - the best filling system ever. I believe that only 1935 semi-streamlined Junior was available with a fully transparent barrel like this one. This is a rare model and in rare condition. As a collector of grey pearl celluloid Sheaffer pens, I consider this collector grade.

I have only ever parted with two grey pearl Sheaffers. It was not easy. As truly rare as this pen is, I have another in my collection. Hard to believe I've stumbled upon two. And it seems wrong to keep them both.

The celluloid and the transparent barrel are not the only amazing features. The nib is fabulous. It is not flexible or even semi-flexible though some may be temped to push it as if it were. It has a bouncy suppleness that provides wonderful line variation under normal writing pressure. It does not need to be pushed aggressively to be amazing. This pen can be a gem for your collection that you can also carry and use as Walter Sheaffer intended.


Capped - 124 mm (4.9”)
Uncapped - 110 mm (4.3”)
Posted - 149 mm (5.9”).
Cap - 12.1 mm (0.48”)
Barrel - 10.1 mm (0.4”)


Fine with lovely line variation






Cap Posted:





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