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~1933 Jet ebonite Waterman Lady Patricia - flexible fine

~1933 Jet ebonite Waterman Lady Patricia - flexible fine

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Waterman pens are among the most popular for good reason. Waterman made gorgeous pens and some of the most amazing nibs with a wide spectrum of available characteristics. This is both a beautiful pen and an amazing nib.

While the model name and the 1933 Waterman catalog copy for the Lady Patricia are obviously pointed at women, this is one of those BIG pens that comes in a small package and it is comfortably usable in my large hands.

An important bit of information regarding this pen's #2 nib is referenced on the catalog page:

Lady Patricia can be had with any of the points described on page 9.

Page 9 says:

While the No. 7 and the No. 5 pens are the only Waterman's showing color symbols and color names, any Waterman's pen in this catalogue may be had with a point to duplicate the action of any of the points shown in the Chart.

The "Chart" shows the 7 Waterman nib colors along with their characteristics: red - standard, yellow - rounded, purple - stiff-fine, pink - flexible-fine, blue - blunt, green - rigid and brown - fine. This nib is certainly a pink - flexible-fine.

Both pen and nib are in excellent condition. There is no chrome plating loss though there is a bit of wear. The clip is straight & tight. The ebonite is glossy and smooth. The pen has a new size 18 sac that will hold plenty of ink for this thirsty, flexible nib.

The nib is amazing. It is not "wet noodle" flexible but is controlled flex with excellent snap back. 

Capped - 110 mm (4.33”)
Uncapped - 104 mm (4.1”)
Posted - 140 mm (5.5”).
Cap - 12.7 mm (0.5”)
Barrel - 10.9 mm (0.43”)


Flexible Fine






Cap Posted:





Filler Type

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