Hello. My name is Stacy and I'm a fountain pen fanatic. Sounds like an introduction at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, right? It's probably appropriate. I'm really into fountain pens.

It started innocently enough and purely out of curiosity. All habits do right. I started with cheap pens like Pilot Petit1, Pilot Varsity and Platinum Preppy. Then it blossomed and began to acquire slightly nicer pens like Lamy Vista and Kaweco Sport. Then a Rotring Initial and a TWSBI 530. I think the Noodler's pens may have put me over the edge since Nathan Tardiff is always taking them apart in his videos. I'm an engineer and we must disassemble everything. My quest for the next pen led me to ebay on the tip that was the place to get a proper gold nibbed pen without spending a car payment. Well that completed the obsession. I've been buying, restoring and selling vintage pens ever since.

I "specialize" in Sheaffer Vacuum-Fil pens. I was drawn to Sheaffer by the Snorkel mechanism then discovered there are an amazing number of different Sheaffer filling systems. Some are more challenging than others to repair and that just makes it top notch good fun.