Desk Pens

Desk Pens

For some reason desk pens seem to be unpopular. Is it that we're now a mobile device generation? We're on the go with our Traveler's Notebooks and Nock Co. or Rickshaw Bag Works kit. I think my next such purchase will be a Galen case. But, I also spend much of my time at my desk restoring vintage pens.

There is something about reaching for a reliable pen that I needn't dig out of the case or even uncap. A quarter turn to unthread the pen from the flute and I'm jotting a quick note, checking off an item on a to-do list or writing a thank you note to accompany my latest restoration on its way home. I love my ~1945 Golden Brown Sheaffer Triumph desky. It's a Vacuum-Fil pen and it has a juicy medium nib. The lip of the holder has a large chip but the set is otherwise in amazing condition.

I've found many vintage desk pen sets in like-new condition. Often they are unused and in the original box. They can be found in every variety of point size and pen style. Most vintage manufacturers made a desk version of nearly every model they offered. I've found that desk pens have a slightly higher percentage of larger point sizes. That is, it seems easier to find a medium or broad point in the desk pen versions of pens than it is in the capped pen versions. Perhaps desk pens were more popular with executives who wanted a signature nib always at hand.

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